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ISBN: 9780253220134, Title: ETHICS OF AUTISM
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Autism is one of the most compelling, controversial, and heartbreakingcognitive disorders. It presents unique philosophical challenges as well, raisingintriguing questions in philosophy of mind, cognitive science, and philosophy oflanguage that need to be explored if the autistic population is to be responsiblyserved. Starting from the "theory of mind" thesis that a fundamental deficit inautism is the inability to recognize that other persons have minds, Deborah R.Barnbaum considers its implications for the nature of consciousness, ourunderstanding of the consciousness of others, meaning theories in philosophy oflanguage, and the modality of mind. This discussion lays the groundwork forconsideration of the value of an autistic life, as well as the moral theoriesavailable to persons with autism. The book also explores questions about geneticdecision making, research into the nature of autism, and the controversial quest fora cure. This is a timely and wide-ranging book on a disorder that commends itself toserious ethical examination.

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  • ISBN-13:9780253220134
  • ISBN-10: 0253220130