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ISBN: 9780743444408, Title: ROSARY HOUR
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The Rosary is an essential form of prayer for many Catholics. It offers the mysteries of Christ's life alongside those of Mary, who has always held a special place for Pope John Paul II. The Pope has said that the Rosary is his favorite prayer, and his commitment to it is undiminished.

"The Rosary is a prayer "about Mary" united with Christ in his mission as the savior. At the same time, it is a prayer "to Mary" -- our best mediator with her son. It is, finally, a prayer that in a special way we say "with Mary," just as the Apostles at the Last Supper prayed with her, preparing to receive the Holy Spirit."

"The Rosary Hour" is a celebration of the Pope's love of the prayer. It collects many of his public pronouncements on the Rosary and offers examples showing how the Rosary is a vibrant, living celebration of faith: "Reciting the holy Rosary is not a matter of repeating formulas but, rather, of entering into confidential "conversation" with Mary, "speaking to her," showing her our hopes, confiding our pain, opening our hearts to her, declaring to her our willingness to accept the plan of God, promising faithfulness to her in all circumstances, and especially those which are difficult and painful, sure of her protection and certain that she will obtain for us, from her son, the grace necessary for our salvation."

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  • Publisher:SIMON & SCHUSTER
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • ISBN-13:9780743444408
  • ISBN-10: 074344440X