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Tower and Office: From Modernist Theory to Contemporary Practice

ISBN: 9780262511902, Title: Tower and Office: From Modernist Theory to Contemporary Practice
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In Tower and Office, Spanish architects Inaki Abalos and Juan Herreroslook at the role and impact of advanced building technologies in Americanarchitecture since World War II. The war, they claim, marked the end of the firstcycle of modernism, challenging the belief that technological progress alone couldproduce a perpetually better future. At the same time, the war was the source ofpowerful new structural models and construction methods. The authors examine theways these technologies have been inflected over the last half century by moresubjective and integrated processes of spatial organization.In the first part of thebook, Abalos and Herreros focus on the work of Le Corbusier, revealing the degree ofcomplexity achieved in his interpretation of the modern skyscraper. In the secondpart, they look at the intersection of technical and cultural determinants in thedesign of high-rise structures since World War II. Among the issues they considerare the evolution of the load-bearing frame, the impact of high-tech systems on tallbuildings, and the transparent building skin. In the third part, they addressdevelopments in office design and planning, tracing an evolution from the repetitiveand homogeneous office skyscraper to the present-day mixed-use structure. Overallthey demonstrate how the objective technical analysis associated with modernistarchitectural theory has given way in recent building practice to a variety offlexible, pragmatic, and environmental approaches. These, they suggest, have openedthe way to new urban and architectural forms.

  • Author:
  • Publisher:MIT Press (MA)
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2005
  • ISBN-13:9780262511902
  • ISBN-10: 0262511908