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ISBN: 9780679778684, Title: SPEAK SMART
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Anyone who gets anxious about speaking in public has no doubt been given the same tiresome advice again and again. &quot;Just open with a joke, &quot; or &quot;just picture your audience in their underwear.&quot; If you've ever tried these suggestions, you've no doubt noticed that they are both ineffective and rather disturbing.<br><br>Nothing will help you feel more confident than having a carefully planned, thoughtfully written and well-rehearsed presentation.&#160;&#160;<b>Speak Smart</b> is your roadmap to a winning performance, as this guide shows you how to: <br>Write and prepare captivating presentations<br>Decide whether to ad-lib, prepare an outline or follow a script<br>Set your jitters aside<br>Skillfully use visual aids<br>Be aware of your body language<br>Keep control of question/answer sessions<br><br>Included in the book are detailed lessons on: <br>Speech and nonverbal communication<br>Writing great presentations<br>Choosing a presentation format<br>Choosing visual aids<br>Preparing for the big speech<br>Adapting to speaking environments<br>Fielding questions<br>Speaking through the media<br>Diaphragmatic exercises

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  • Publisher:RANDOM HOUSE INC.
  • Binding: Trade Paper
  • ISBN-13:9780679778684
  • ISBN-10: 0679778683