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ISBN: 9780812975116, Title: BOOM
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In "Boom ," Tom Brokaw, one of America's premier journalists and the acclaimed author of The Greatest Generation, gives us an epic portrait of another defining era in America: the tumultuous Sixties. The voices and stories of both famous people and ordinary citizens come together in this "virtual reunion" as Brokaw takes us on a memorable journey through a remarkable time, exploring how individuals and the national mood were affected by a controversial era and showing how the aftershocks of the Sixties continue to resound in our lives today. In the reflections of a generation, Brokaw also discovers lessons that might guide us in the years ahead. Race, politics, war, feminism, popular culture, and music are all delved into here. Brokaw explores how members of this generation have gone on to bring activism and a Sixties mindset into individual entrepreneurship, as we hear stories of how this formative decade has shaped our perspectives on business, the environment, politics, family, and our national existence. Remarkable in its insights, wonderfully written and reported, this revealing book lets us join in these frank conversations about America then, now, and tomorrow.
Bonus DVD: Excerpt From 1968 with Tom Brokaw, A History Channel special

Praise for "Boom "
"Tom Brokaw does an excellent job of capturing an exciting, controversial period in American history and "Boom " is a worthy addition to his growing canon.""-New York Post
"" Tom Brokaw] approaches this magnum opus with warmth, curiosity and conviction, the same attributes that worked so well for his "Greatest Generation.""
-The New York Times
" A] verbal scrapbook of the Sixties . . . "Boom "shows] that the era's core issues-racism, women's rights, a nation-dividing war-remain central today, and that the values boomers championed haven't yet gone bust."
-"People" (four stars)
"Packed with memorable people, places, events . . . A 'virtual reunion' of 1960s folks telling what they did back then, where they've been since and how they assess that tumultuous decade."
-"Chicago Tribune"
"Genuinely fascinating recollections . . . plenty of memorable anecdotes."
-"The Wall Street Journal"

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  • Publisher:RANDOM HOUSE INC.
  • Binding: Trade Paper
  • ISBN-13:9780812975116
  • ISBN-10: 0812975111