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USER: Infotechnodemo

ISBN: 9780262621984, Title: USER: Infotechnodemo
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In these essays, Peter Lunenfeld does theory and criticism "in realtime," looking at (among other subjects) art, video games, book design, "techno-masturbation," The Matrix, and life extension diets. "Readers will have todetermine for themselves," he writes, "if this range is symptomatic of pluralism orpromiscuity." User illuminates the patterns and repetitions that link -- for example-- nanotechnology to electronic music, artist/archivist Harry Smith toarchitect/superstar Rem Koolhaas, Pontiacs to open source software. And User offersa reading experience that is more vivid than most: Mieke Gerritzen's bold visualscreate a book that is also a designed object -- a compact matrix of words and imageas potent as a smart bomb.User is not a manifesto. Lunenfeld means these essays --which were written originally for the international magazine artext -- to betranslator utilities, bridging the gap between the art world and the designestablishment, between journalism and the seminar room. Pondering the "permanentpresent" of today's visual culture, Lunenfeld blames the twenty-first century'sinability to imagine the future on a movie and an interface: the too-influentialaesthetic of Blade Runner and the ubiquitous desktop of nested files, icons, trashcans, and cascading windows, he argues, have become impediments to our thinkingbeyond the present. Lunenfeld writes about Euro-Disney, Matthew Barney, the VHSpornucopia that killed off Betamax, the computer as a "solitude enhancementmachine," our embarrassing Y2K hysteria (when TEOTWAWKI -- The End of the World AsWe Know It -- didn't happen), and other faces of what he calls "that overwhelmingdiversity which for lack of a better term we call the present."

  • Author:
  • Publisher:MIT Press
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2005
  • ISBN-13:9780262621984
  • ISBN-10: 0262621983