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The Truth about Paying Fewer Taxes

ISBN: 9780137153862, Title: The Truth about Paying Fewer Taxes
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All you need to know about cutting your taxes..."this "year and "every "year
  • The truth about maximizing all your legal deductions and credits
  • The truth about smart tax planning for today and for the long term
  • The truth about avoiding IRS audits and costly tax penalties
Simply the best thinkingTHE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH This book reveals 52 PROVEN bite-size, easy tax savings techniques that work. "Kay Bell's blog aims to provide tax and personal-finance tips and advice that will put more money in your bank account, not the government treasury.""The Wall Street Journal" Introduction vii Part I: The Truth About Filing RequirementsTruth 1: Not everyone has to file 1 Truth 2: Figuring out your filing status 5Truth 3: Filling out the right form 9Truth 4: Meeting filing deadlines 13 Part II: The Truth About Taxable Income Truth 5: Determining what's taxable 17Truth 6: Earned versus unearned income 21Truth 7: The alternative minimum tax 25Truth 8: Our progressive tax system 29 Part III: The Truth About Credits and DeductionsTruth 9: Why credits are better 33Truth 10: Standard versus itemized deductions 39Truth 11: Dealing with deduction limitations 43Truth 12: Maximizing charitable deductions 47Truth 13: Deducting without itemizing 51 Part IV: The Truth About Taxes and Your FamilyTruth 14: Marriage and taxes 55Truth 15: Innocent and injured spouse issues 59Truth 16: Tax implications of divorce 63Truth 17: Claiming exemptions and dependents 67Truth 18: Adoption assistance 71Truth 19: Child and additional child tax credits 75Truth 20: Tax help in caring for your kids (and others) 79Truth 21: Tax-favored college savings options 83Truth 22: When a child has to file 87Truth 23: Taking tax-smart care of a parent 91 Part V: The Truth About Taxes and Your EmploymentTruth 24: Getting your withholding right 95Truth 25: Tax-favored employer-provided benefits 99Truth 26: Recouping employee business expenses 103Truth 27: Writing off job-hunting costs 107Truth 28: Tax help in paying work-related moving costs 111Truth 29: Self-employment tax considerations 115 Part VI: The Truth About Taxes and Your HomeTruth 30: Mortgage interest deduction 119Truth 31: Writing off your property taxes 123Truth 32: Increasing your home's tax basis 127Truth 33: Home-sale tax exclusion 131 Part VII: The Truth About Investment Taxes Truth 34: Capital gains rules and rates 135Truth 35: How bad investments can pay off 139Truth 36: Reporting investment income 143Truth 37: Wash sale rules 147Truth 38: Accounting for the kiddie tax 151 Part VIII: The Truth About Retirement Taxes Truth 39: Individual retirement accounts 155Truth 40: Company retirement plans 159Truth 41: Retirement saver's credit 163Truth 42: Retirement plan rollovers 167Truth 43: Taxable Social Security benefits 171Truth 44: Required minimum distributions 175Truth 45: Estate taxes, or leaving it to your heirs, not the IRS 179 Part IX: The Truth About Tax Compliance Truth 46: The trouble with tax protests 183Truth 47: Payment options 187Truth 48: Tax penalties 191 Part X: The Truth About Audits Truth 49: Minimizing audit risks 195Truth 50: Preparing for an audit 199 Part XI: The Truth About Special Tax SituationsTruth 51: Taxpayers abroad and military filers 203Truth 52: Tax help in disastrous times 207 Epilogue 211About the Author 212

  • Author:
  • Publisher:Pearson Custom Publishing
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2009
  • ISBN-13:9780137153862
  • ISBN-10: 0137153864