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Dinosaurs in the Round

ISBN: 9780375843686, Title: Dinosaurs in the Round
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FROM A CONIFER oasis to a steamy rain forest to a volcano-devastated river bank, the pop-up dioramas in this unique, freestanding carousel book capture the changing atmosphere and dinosaurs of the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous eras, the three periods that make up the Age of Dinosaurs. Over 15 species of dinosaur, archosaur, marine reptile, and pterosaur are featured--from well-known creatures like "T. Rex," "Triceratops," and "Diplodocus "to lesser known ones like "Rutiodon," "Placerias," and "Stygimoloch"--in eyepopping, museum-quality illustrations by renowned paleoartist Luis V. Rey. Complete with a 24-page booklet providing background information on the environment and animals in each diorama, "Dinosaurs in the Round "will enchant young readers and make the changing face of our planet come alive.

  • Author:
  • Publisher:Random House Books for Young Readers
  • Binding: Other
  • Copyright: 2008
  • ISBN-13:9780375843686
  • ISBN-10: 037584368X