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ISBN: 9780786888597, Title: PLEDGED
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Alexandra Robbins was puzzled when her eighteen-year-old sister announced that she planned to rush one of her college??'s many sororities. Wanting to find out if the clich?? stereotypes about sorority girls were actually true, Robbins went undercover in a sorority house to research subject. And she was stunned by what she learned. Combining a fast-paced narrative with the extensive reporting of investigative journalism and the fly-on-the-wall voyeurism of reality shows, Pledged follows the narratives of the sorority girls. Stories include tumultuous breakups, fights between "best friends," drunk driving, a stalker-boyfriend, a sorority cover-up for a gay frat boy who can't tell his fraternity, a professor hitting on a sister who's in love with him, theft, a pathological liar, a rape by a fraternity boy, sorority activities involving nudity, multiple conversations about breast size, and an abundance of drugs and alcohol, and much, much more. Controversies aside, Pledged is a look at a world that is fascinating to outsiders.

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  • Binding: Trade Paper
  • ISBN-13:9780786888597
  • ISBN-10: 0786888598