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Sugaring: A Maple Syrup Memoir, with Instructions

ISBN: 9781592283774, Title: Sugaring: A Maple Syrup Memoir, with Instructions
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"In this meditative celebration of a yearly event, gathering and cooking maple sap, Hauser reflects on Native American traditions and on the process she herself uses when making maple syrup in northern Minnesota. In what is as much a practical guide as a personal essay, Hauser writes with beauty and simplicity . . ." -Booklist
Sugaring is the act of collecting maple sap to make maple syrup, an early-spring endeavor that takes place all around the country-in Vermont, most famously, but also throughout New England, as far south as Ohio, and as far west as Minnesota. It is a time-honored tradition that has changed little since the Native Americans sugared centuries ago.
SUGARING is a beautifully rendered narrative about the act of sugaring, a soulful activity that, like the best of outdoor hobbies, slows down time. Interspersed with the book's lyrical account of a season in the sugarbush are separate sections that serve as a primer to guide the beginner through every stage of sugaring, from selecting trees and hanging sap buckets to finishing off maple syrup.
For anyone with an interest in taking up sugaring, everyone who has a maple tree, and all those with nostalgia for the rural landscape, SUGARING will be a joy to discover.

  • Author:
  • Publisher:Lyons Press
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2005
  • ISBN-13:9781592283774
  • ISBN-10: 1592283772