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Help/FAQ:  About Digital Books

What is an eBook?
An eBook is a digital, often downloadable version of a printed book that can be read on a computer, and in many instances on a tablet or smart phone. Some eBooks may include features such as videos, audio clips, interactive models, quizzes, and the ability to take and share notes, highlight and search individual chapters or the entire book for key words and phrases.
Where can I find information on an eBook such as access, print limits, device sharing limits and other features?
Most eBooks use some form of DRM (Digital Rights Management) determined by the publisher which controls how many times you can download the eBook, and other aspects of your ability to access the eBook.

To find detailed information about an eBook, look at the text directly to the right of the eBook image on the search results page. Click on the 'Click for Details' link directly below the eBook details. The DRM details will appear in a pop-up, and will show you:

  • Access - how you can access the book (on the web or from a downloaded file).
  • Format - the publishing company and format.
  • Partial Content - will only display if a specific chapter(s) of the digital book is included.
  • Print Limit - what percentage of the eBook you can print.
  • Copy/Paste Limit - what percentage of the eBook you can copy and paste into other programs.
  • Device Sharing Limit - how many devices onto which you can download and share the eBook.
  • Refundable - whether a refund is available on the eBook if returned.

Sometimes, the DRM pop-up will also give you information on accessing/activating your eBook.
Is my eBook accessible via the web?
Most eBooks are only accessible offline through an eReader application. However, some eBooks are accessible via the web. Each eBook's description should tell you whether it is accessible via the web.
Do I need to be connected to the Internet to read my eBook?
No. Once you've downloaded your eBook, it is available to you when you want it. However, you may need to be online to access certain features of your eReader application or when syncing your books.
What is an eReader application?
eReader applications are the free applications that allow you to use and read your eBooks. To get the appropriate eReader application for your eBook, simply download and install the appropriate eReader.
Can I read my eBook on more than one device?
Most eBooks allow you to read your eBook on two (2) devices. Some may allow more. Check the eBook's DRM for details specific to a title.
Can I print my eBook?
Yes, but with limits. We do not set those limits. Rather, the eBook publishers limit the number of pages you can print from eBooks, on average allowing you to print 30% of an eBook. We list the printing restrictions in the eBook's DRM so you can make an informed buying decision.
Can I download my eBook more than once?
Yes, but under the DRM (Digital Rights Management) rules set by eBook publishers, you can only download your eBook twice. As with printing limits, this is a restriction set by the publisher.
How do I rent or purchase an eBook?
You can purchase or rent an eBook either in person at your campus bookstore, or online from your campus website. To rent or purchase from your campus website, search for the title you need. Once you have found the title, the formats in which the title is available will be listed to the right of the book (e.g., "Buy New", "Buy Used", "Rent Digital"). "Digital" means that the title is available as an eBook. Select the eBook format and add it to your cart. After checkout, you will receive an email with instructions and links to activate or download your digital title.
How do I return my eBook at the end of my rental term?
Your eBook is licensed for a specific period of time. When the license expires, you can no longer access it. Of course, you can extend your rental or buy the eBook outright if you want or need it for a longer period.
I purchased/rented this eBook but no longer want it. Can I return it?
Some eBooks can be returned for a refund, others cannot. We do not make this decision. Rather, the eBook vendors decide whether their eBooks can be returned. To determine whether an eBook can be returned for a refund, check the eBook's DRM.

For eBooks that are refundable, we will refund your rental fee/purchase price within 14 days of the date of purchase or rental, but only if you have not downloaded the eBook or used the access code.
Why can't I find the book I want as an eBook?
We realize that many titles are not available as eBooks. However, eBooks are becoming more popular, and publishers are continually making more titles available as eBooks.
What is DRM (Digital Rights Management)?
DRM is the tool used by eBook publisher to prevent the unauthorized copying, printing and use of their eBooks. DRM consists of code which prevents you from downloading an eBook you purchased more than a given number of times, or from printing more than a certain number of pages from an eBook. We have no control over the publishers' DRM rules. We do list the DRM restrictions for the eBooks we sell on our website because we want you to be able to make an informed purchase decision.
Where can I find more information about eBook providers?
Click Digital Providers for more information.

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