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Texas Instruments TI30XIIS Dual Power Scientific Calculator

Product: Texas Instruments TI30XIIS Dual Power Scientific Calculator

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Scientific Calculator TI30XIIS Duel Power. Scientific calculator with equation recall combines statistics and advanced scientific functions. Two-line display shows entries on the top line and results on the bottom line. Entry line on the top of the display shows up to 11 characters and can scroll left and right up to 88. Result line on the bottom shows up to a 10-digit answer and 2-digit exponent. Functions include common/natural logarithms, fractions, fraction/decimal conversions, degrees to decimal conversion, reciprocals, factorials, grads, hyperbolics, polar/rectangular conversions. Fraction feature allows operations with fractions and mixed numbers. Two-variable statistics allow you to enter, delete, insert, and edit individual statistical data elements. Calculator runs on solar and battery power.

  • Product #:MMS000096899
  • Manufacturer : TEXAS INSTRUMENTS
  • Fabric : .